Site Rules

Every Game has rules, here are ours!


Please respect our rules for the site. They are only there to protect you and our sport.

Anyone blatantly breaking these rules, ( especially fps limits ) will not only be asked to leave, you will be reported to all  local sites! ( Yes we have a naughty list! ) Again these rules keep our site, our sport and you safe!

Please wear appropriate clothing for the site, we don't expect you to wear the latest camo, any old clothing will do.

But please wear decent footwear! Trainers will not save your ankle if you trip!

1. Chrono All your guns.

We run a strict chrono policy, Please chrono any guns you will be using during the day before the games start. (10AM )

2. Safe Zone.

All mags must be OUT of ALL weapons in the safe zone.

No dry firing or testing at any time! This is the ONLY area you can remove or demist your eye protection!

3. Eye Protection.

Eye pro must be worn at all times, unless you are in the only area you are allowed to remove it - the safe zone. If your goggles mist up then seek out a marshal or return to the safe zone. Please do not attempt to clean while in a game!

4. Take your Hits!

When you are hit / Shot Raise your hand high and shout HIT! In most games you will then take 20 steps back, count to 30 then simply rejoin the game!   

5. Head Shots.

We do allow head shots at CEA. HOWEVER common sense applies! If you can see a part of the body i.e. arm/torso/leg then please aim for those. If you can ONLY see the head then you can shoot. Blatant head shots will be dealt with accordingly.

FPS limits:

AEG MED 5 Meters 

350 fps 1.14 Joules (0.20g)

Any gun that fires full auto

DMR MED 15 Meters 

450 fps 1.88 Joules

Locked to Semi-Auto only

Sniper Rifle MED 20 Meters

500 fps 2.32 Joules

Bolt action Only

Pistol 5 Meters 

350 fps 1.14 Joules (0.20g)

MED = Minimum Engagement Distance


Please abide and listen to the marshals - they are there to make sure you have a good day!

Listen to the safety brief at the start of the day. Then Listen to the game brief, that way you'll know whats going on.. ( Usually..... )

If you have any questions, or want to report non hit taking or anything else just grab a marshal. They have Hi Viz Vests.

We do not tolerate abuse towards marshals or other players - no matter what happens!

Our main aim is for you to have an excellent time! - Just let us know if your not happy and we'll fix it!